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by Tom Nelson

Ever since OS X Lion, Apple has provided a built-in auto-save and versioning system for document-based apps. While Apple’s system works well, it does require each app to be written to use the new APIs for auto-save and versioning. What this means is that for many apps, auto-save isn’t available because the app developer either chose not to use the service or hasn’t updated the app to use it.


Image courtesy of Tool Force Software

ForeverSave brings automatic document saving and version control to almost all document-based apps, including Microsoft Office, most Adobe apps, and quite a few more productivity tools that are missing this helpful feature. Unlike Apple’s auto-save system, ForeverSave can be configured on an app-by-app basis, letting you use auto-save in some apps, and turn it off in others. You can also control how often saves are made, how many versions are kept, and when older versions should be deleted.

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