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by Tom Nelson

Ever since the introduction of Lion, the OS X installation process has created a hidden OS X Recovery HD partition on a Mac’s startup drive. This partition can be used to run diagnostic utilities, repair drives, repair and reinstall the OS, and perform quite a few more tricks.

Tom's Mac Tips: Create the OS X Recovery HD Partition on a USB Flash Drive

Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

But I never liked the fact that the OS automatically installs the Recovery HD only on a startup drive. For many Mac users, the startup drive is their only drive, and I’ve never liked the idea of trying to repair a drive when booted from the same drive.

The solution is to have another drive that you can boot from, one that also contains a Recovery HD. There are many possibilities; just about any external drive is a good candidate for hosting a Recovery HD, but a really good choice is a USB flash drive.

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