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by Tom Nelson

If you want to print from an iOS device, the target printer must support AirPrint, Apple’s Wi-Fi-based printing technology. AirPrint is pretty neat; it allows you to print without the need to install drivers or other bits of software on your iOS device.

Printopia: Tom's Mac Software Pick

Image courtesy of ecamm

But one problem is that it requires the printer to have built-in support for AirPrint. Printopia lets you print to any printer connected to your Mac, regardless of whether it supports AirPrint or not.

Once you install Printopia, you can print from your iOS device to your Mac’s printer. Printopia also allows you to create virtual printers that are really just folders on your Mac. Anything you print to a Printopia virtual printer is converted to a PDF or image file (depending on the source document), and saved to the associated folder on your Mac.

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