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by Tom Nelson

Rumors about a new version of the Apple TV seem to be borne out by new information revealed by the folks at 9to5Mac. It seems iOS 7 already includes internal reference to a new Apple TV, designated AppleTV4,1. The reference to the new model identifier appears to have been included in iOS 7 since September 2013, and is found in the AirPlay plist.

Image courtesy of Apple

The current version of the Apple TV is AppleTV3,2; historically, Apple ups the model identifier for each product upgrade. However, we’re still slightly in the dark about what the new 4,1 version will entail.

My guess is that Apple intends to move the Apple TV from a hobby device to a moneymaking product that it won’t have to try to hide in each quarter’s financial statements.

Rumors already suggest that a new Apple TV will include support for making game purchases or rentals through the iTunes Store. To fully support the Apple TV as a gaming system, Apple will need to beef up its performance as well as provide for a bit more onboard storage to hold saved games and stats.

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