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by Tom Nelson

Trim Enabler from Cindori Software provides an easy way to enable Trim on third-party SSDs you’re using with your Mac.

Trim Enabler Pro: Tom's Mac Software Pick

Image courtesy of Cindori Software

Trim is a housekeeping chore performed by SSDs to release blocks of data that are no longer in use. Unlike standard mechanical drives, which can simply write new data directly to any data block that is considered to be free space, SSDs must erase a data block before new data can be written to it. This can cause a decrease in write performance because the SSD needs to write an entire block in order to erase it, and then rewrite the block’s data from a cached copy, along with the new data that is to be saved. The result is excessive writes and a decrease in performance.

Trim helps performance by erasing a block of data in the background, instead of when data needs to be written to the SSD. Trim also organizes the erase process so that fewer write cycles are used, thereby increasing expected SSD longevity.

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