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by Tom Nelson

On February 21, Apple released a security update for iOS 7 and iOS 6 that fixed an issue that could allow someone to monitor and save data being sent between an iOS device and a server on the Internet.

The problem occurs because of a flaw in the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) implementation in iOS devices that could lead to a “man-in-middle” attack on any iOS device.

Turns out the same SSL flaw is also present in OS X. Using Safari, Mail, Messages, or any other app that uses Apple’s SSL library could leave you vulnerable to having your data captured and used by a third party.

While the faulty SSL libraries have the potential for loss of personal data, it’s important to know that if you’re using your Mac on a trusted network, such as your home or work connections, the possibility of the SSL security breach occurring becomes extremely low. The SSL problem has the highest chance of being exploited when using your Mac on a public Wi-Fi network, such as connecting to an open network at a coffee shop or an airport.

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