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by Tom Nelson

Recently, I was perusing the Mac App Store looking for a new game or two to play. This, of course, was all in the line of duty in my job as a Mac pundit. It’s hard work writing about the Mac, and games are as important a topic as security or how to install software (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Bob’s your uncle).

How I Re-download Apps From the Mac App Store; You Can, Too
Courtesy of Apple

Anyway, while downloading a Mac game, my wireless connection shut down. We have an ongoing issue with one of our wireless routers; from time to time, it just stops sending data to a client, causing the client to eventually time out. We’ll replace the wireless router at some point, but for now we manage the problem by issuing a remote reset command. The router then starts to work again, at least for a while.

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