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by Tom Nelson

This weekend’s Mac DIY project may not seem very exciting. Some of you may shy away from it, because you just don’t like to clean. And who knows what cleaning your Mac might lead to? You might end up cleaning your desk, your office, the family room, or the basement. You might even (heaven forbid!) break out the vacuum cleaner.

Weekend DIY - Keeping Your Mac Clean Helps Keep It Trouble-freeCourtesy of Apple

While it’s possible that you might go on a cleaning binge, it’s well worth the risk. Keeping your Mac clean can help ensure a longer, more trouble-free life. So, unless you’re looking for an excuse to buy a new Mac, and having your current one keel over from neglect would fit right into your plans, let’s get started.

Our cleaning guide focuses on the basics: the monitor, keyboard, and mouse or trackpad.

I suggest starting with your Mac’s display, since it’s something you look at every time you use your Mac. If you haven’t cleaned the display in a long time, you may be surprised at what a difference it makes. Yes, there really is a Mac under all that dust.

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