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by Tom Nelson

Apple’s Mac lineup for 2014 is in pretty good shape. There’s a new Mac Pro and recent versions of iMacs(September, 2013), and a Retina-based MacBook Pro (October, 2013). MacBook Airs are getting on a bit; the most current model dates from last summer. And theMac mini is absolutely ancient, hailing from October of 2012.

Looking Ahead: Which Mac(s) Will You Buy in 2014?

Courtesy of Apple

The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro probably won’t be a viable model for Apple much longer, with rumors already predicting its demise in the next round of updates. That leaves new Mac minis and MacBook Airs as the most likely to receive updates soon, possibly by WWDC in early summer, if not sooner. And of course, the rumor mill is predicting that a new Apple TV will appear in late March or sometime in April.

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