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by Tom Nelson

This weekend’s Mac DIY guide is all about making space; free space on your drive, that is. One of the most common problems I hear about is a Mac that has started running a bit more slowly.


Courtesy of Apple

At first it’s just a bit of sluggishness, sometimes only when starting an app or booting up the Mac. After it progresses a bit, the slowness can turn to outright stalls and spinning beach balls.

There are many possible culprits, but if I had to put one of them at the top of the list, it would be free drive space, or more accurately, the lack of it. The Mac needs free space on its startup drive; the more, the merrier. Keeping files that you haven’t used in years, apps that you forgot were installed, or pictures that you have three copies of isn’t really helping you or your Mac.

That’s why this weekend’s Mac DIY is all about how to get rid of files you don’t need, as well as why to get rid of them.

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