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by Tom Nelson

SeisMac from Suitable Systems can turn a 2005 or later PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air into a portable seismograph. SeisMac makes use of the Sudden Motion Sensor that Apple built into Mac notebooks from 2005 on. The sensor was originally devised as a method of protecting a portable Mac’s drive from drops and bumps, but developers quickly made use of the sensors for apps that Apple never dreamed of. One of those apps is SeisMac, your own personal seismograph and cat detector (more on the cat detector part later).


Image courtesy of Suitable Systems

SeisMac uses a moving strip graph to display the three-axis accelerometer’s output in real time. If you combine SeisMac withSeisMaCalibrate, a free calibration app, you end up with a more accurate seismograph, one that would make an excellent educational tool, or a fun app to show your friends.

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