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by Tom Nelson

OneNote has finally made its way to the Mac platform. It did so with almost all of its major features intact, and with a nice price reduction to boot (it’s free).


Image courtesy of Microsoft

Long a popular note-taking and organizational app for Windows, OneNote has a devoted following, and for good reason; it’s a well-designed app that has been part of various Office packages for Windows for quite a while.

OneNote is now available for a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android; there is even a web-based version. All of the versions of OneNote are synced together, so notes you make on your iPad are available on your Mac or in other versions of OneNote. OneNote takes advantage of Microsoft’s cloud service to keep everything synced, and to provide a web clipping service that allows you to save any web site you visit to a OneNote clipping, very handy for storing ideas kjiyou want to work on later.

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