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by Tom Nelson

Here’s a tip that can save you a lot of headaches: set up a spare administrator account that you can use should some calamity befall your system.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

There are a couple of reasons to have multiple administrator accounts on your Mac. The first is to allow someone else to perform administrative duties; after all, you probably don’t want to be the IT person 24/7.

The second reason is for something that I hope will never happen to you. A pristine administrator account, one that hasn’t been used or is in the same condition as when it was originally created, is very handy for troubleshooting.

When something wonky occurs with your Mac, such as an app that won’t start or always crashes, a display that doesn’t look right, or a network that isn’t working correctly, the cause may be corrupt preference and library files that are tied to a user’s account.

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