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by Tom Nelson

Screen sharing is a feature built into all Macs. It allows someone to access your Mac and use its apps, just as if they were sitting next to you.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Screen sharing is a great way to let someone help you troubleshoot a problem, walk you through using a new app, or set up a new feature of the Mac that you haven’t used before.

Another good use for screen sharing is to remotely operate a Mac that may be located in a difficult-to-use area. This is one of the primary reasons I use the Mac screen sharing service; to administer a Mac we use as a mail and web server, because the Mac is in a remote location. Okay, it’s actually upstairs, in a walk-in server closet that’s closely guarded by our cat. It’s best not to disturb the cat when he’s on guard duty, especially if he’s sleeping; trust me on this. So, instead of risking life and limb (especially limb), I take advantage of the Mac’s screen sharing ability to work with the server, as if I were sitting right in front of it.

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