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by Tom Nelson

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is a traditional time for Apple to announce new or updated products. This year, the annual June get-together is likely to see the first official public unveiling of iOS 8, as well as a look at the successor to OS X Mavericks.


Image courtesy of Apple

It’s unlikely that either operating system will be anywhere near ready for a release; more likely, WWDC will have the first beta release for developers. iOS, which has a larger development team, will probably see a release in late fall 2014. A successor to OS X Mavericks won’t be available until very late in the year, or early next year.

When it comes to hardware, Apple is likely to release new MacBook Pros and new Mac minis; both are in need of updates. I’m hoping for the Mac mini to get a more substantial update this time around, something a bit more than just a processor or graphics upgrade, which has been the norm for a while. I think the Mac mini will continue to have user-upgradable memory, but I don’t expect to see rotational hard drives being offered, only an SSD. And without the need to support hard drives, with both the space they take up and the heat they generate, the Mac mini can have a pretty wild new look.

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