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by Tom Nelson

Greg Christie, the Apple developer most often cited as overseeing the development of the iOS operating system and its user interface elements on the first iPhone, will be leaving Apple, according to 9to5Mac.


Image courtesy of Apple

In what appears to be a power struggle, Christie has been butting heads with Jony Ive over changes to the iOS interface seen in iOS 7. Ive was put in the role of providing leadership to the human interface team after Scott Forstall’s departure in 2012. Christie, who originally reported to Forstall, and Ive have not been seeing eye-to-eye in how iOS and also OS X should appear and interface with users.

With the removal of Christie, Ive will likely have complete control over all interface design on both the iOS and OS X platforms. This will likely lead to significant changes in future versions of the two operating systems, with each taking on features and common interface elements of the other, resulting in a more uniform interface between the two.

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