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by Tom Nelson

1Password 4 from AgileBits is a password manager that makes keeping track of all the passwords you use just about as easy as it can be. 1Password comes with extensions for all the popular Mac web browsers, so you can integrate it into your favorite browser for seamless access to current web site accounts. It can also save login credentials for new accounts that you create.


Image courtesy of AgileBits

1Password isn’t just a web login utility. It encompasses a stand-alone app that allows you to store logins, secure notes, credit card info, identities, passwords, software licensing information, bank accounts, and just about any other type of information that needs to be kept in a secure encrypted environment to prevent prying eyes from viewing it.

Keeping all of your personal data behind an encrypted gatekeeper is a great idea, provided you can make use of the information quickly and easily. 1Password makes retrieving the information a breeze, at least for the rightful owner of the information. With the use of a master password, you can unlock 1Password for a session whose length you define. Once the session is finished, 1Password locks itself back up, preventing further access unless you supply the master password again.

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