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by Tom Nelson

This weekend’s Mac DIY answers a few questions we received about the Mac Browser Benchmark 2014 article we published earlier this week, although you may find it useful even if you haven’t read the article.


Image © Coyote Moon, Inc.

In the article we mentioned that in order to ensure a clean test environment, we erased the target hard drive and started with a fresh installation of OS X.

Several readers asked if we really used the whole drive for the installation and testing, or created new partitions. If the latter, how did we create the partitions?

Although we dedicated the entire hard drive to our testing, you could just as easily use Disk Utility to repartition your startup drive, create and erase a new volume, and then install a fresh copy of OS X Mavericks.

Once you complete the testing, you can reclaim the new partition and return its space to the original startup drive.

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