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by Tom Nelson

This weekend is all about doing a bit of drive maintenance so you don’t eventually wind up with a costly drive repair or replacement. We tend to forget about the drives attached to our Macs, that is until they remind us of their existence by starting to behave very badly.


Image courtesy of Apple

Drives can exhibit problems in numerous ways, including files that can’t be copied, moved, erased, or used by an application; unusually long startup times; sudden restarts or kernel panics; or taking a longer time than usual to accomplish some task.

Instead of waiting for drive failure symptoms to show up, be proactive by performing drive maintenance on a routine basis, say every weekend, or at least once a month.

There are plenty of utilities you can use to verify and repair your Mac’s drives, but Drive Utility, which is included with the Mac OS, can take care of most basic drive maintenance tasks.

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