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by Tom Nelson

WinZip has long been a popular compression and expansion app for Windows users. The software was first released in 1991 as a graphical interface to PKZIP, and quickly became one of the most often-used compression utilities in the Windows world.


Image courtesy of WinZip Computing

WinZip Mac Edition brings many of the features that made WinZip so popular on PCs to the Mac environment. The Mac edition is more than just a port from the Windows counterpart; while it retains many WinZip features, it does so with a distinct Mac flare.

In addition to zipping and unzipping files, WinZip Mac Edition 2 also offers zip file encryption, support for Quick Look, and the ability to view and work on files contained within a zip archive without decompressing the file first, something the folks at WinZip call In-Place Editing. That in itself can save a great deal of time when you don’t quite remember which files you compressed last year to save some drive space.

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