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by Tom Nelson

MacJournal 6 from the fine folks at Mariner Software is a platform for documenting your life, or simply jotting down a few thoughts. At its simplest, MacJournal is a replacement for the pen-and-ink journals of yesteryear, but it’s also a whole lot more.


MacJournal allows you to bring together the various types of media (images, video, audio, web content) that may be part of an event in your life, and document it so it can live on to tell a story.

MacJournal is for writers, as well as for individuals who like to record details of events, maintain a diary, or jot things down for later, so they don’t slip away. MacJournal supports multiple journals, so you can create one journal for your latest writing project, another for daily events, and another to keep track of those awesome ideas you’re always coming up with and then promptly forgetting.

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