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by Tom Nelson

We’re not suggesting that you jump into a wayback machine and install an older version of OS X just for the sake of nostalgia. But there are a few good reasons to have an older OS installed on your Mac.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

I keep a copy of Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks on my Mac. Of course, I need all of the recent versions of OS X so I can write how to’s, features, and troubleshooting tips for these still-popular versions of OS X. But you may also have a need for an older version of OS X. Perhaps you need to run a work-related app that isn’t compatible with Mavericks. Or maybe you need a diversion from work, but one (or more) of your favorite older games hasn’t been updated since Snow Leopard, and won’t work with Mavericks.

With the Mac’s support for booting up to multiple operating systems, having Snow Leopard and Mavericks available with just a keyboard combo is really quite easy.

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