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by Tom Nelson

The Financial Times (subscription required) is reporting that Apple plans to offer a development platform that will turn iOS devices into control systems for home automation networks.

Described as a move into the “internet of things,” Apple’s remote management system will take on Google, which recently acquired Nest Labs, maker of popular self-learning home thermostats. Samsung has also started offering smart home products, including refrigerators and other home appliances.

Apple’s approach is said to add a set of APIs to the iOS platform that will allow developers to create home automation platforms that will use various iOS devices, such as an iPhone, as a remote controller or as part of the overall automation platform. An example can be found in a recent patent filing in which Apple describes a system that detects the location of a wireless communication device (an iPhone), and then responds by setting lighting, adjusting temperature, opening or closing garage doors, or configuring entertainment systems appropriately for the detected event.

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