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by Tom Nelson

With less than a week until WWDC, which will open its doors on Monday, June 2nd, Apple has updated its events page to include the keynote time (10:00 am PDT). In addition, Apple will be providing a live stream of the keynote address. This is the second year in a row that Apple will stream the event live, as opposed to providing a video of the event a few days later.


Image courtesy of Apple

In addition to the live stream, Apple is also promising that exciting announcements will be made at the event. Well, I certainly hope so. I look forward to some new hardware; aMac mini, Apple TV, perhaps even a new iMac or a Retina version of the MacBook Air. But those are all natural evolutions of existing products. What always really gets people excited is something new. This year, that may be a move into home automation, with a new Apple TV taking on the role of a core server for the home, dishing up entertainment and providing control over third-party devices that will automate your home.

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