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by Tom Nelson

Apple presented the keynote address today at WWDC 2014. For those of us who were waiting on the edge of our seats for new Mac or iOS hardware announcements, we can sit back, relax, and perhaps exhale a sigh of disappointment. For the first time in modern WWDC events, no new hardware made its way onto the stage during the keynote.


That’s not to say there wasn’t plenty to talk about after the keynote. OS X 10.10, A.K.A. Yosemite, will be available in the fall as a free upgrade; it will also be available as a free beta later this summer. OS X Yosemite gets both a UI (user interface) makeover, and many new features and updates.

iOS 8 was also shown off at WWDC. Unlike OS X, iOS still uses the version number convention for its name. As you may remember from one of my earlier blogs, I thought Apple might decide to give iOS a place name, as it did for OS X.

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