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by Tom Nelson

Apple today updated its 21.5-inch iMacs to include a new entry-level model with few available options but a price reduced by $200 (U.S.), bringing the price for the least expensive iMac to $1,099.00


Image courtesy of Apple

Rumors have predicted a lower price iMac would become available this summer, and while the new 21.5-inch iMac certainly meets the price reduction requirement, it does so by stripping options, changing from a quad-core i5 to a lower speed dual-core i5 processor, using a slower and cheaper graphics option and making use of lower capacity low speed hard drives.

Although we have not gotten our hands on one of the new iMacs, it appears Apple has created the lowest performing Mac in the entire Mac family, not something we would expect of the desktop iMac lineup. There is a good chance that a less expensive MacBook Air, or Mac mini will outperform the new iMac. And even after adding a 21.5-inch display to the Mac mini or MacBook Air, be at the same price point or a bit lower.

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