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by Tom Nelson

The newest and least expensive iMac has been torn down by OWC to reveal a few secrets. It has also undergone benchmark testing by Primate Labs, to see how well it performs.


Image courtesy of Apple

iMac Teardown

Yesterday, when I mentioned the release of the new low-end, low-cost 21.5-inch iMac, I noted that the RAM is limited to a single 8 GB size. There’s no option for extending the RAM to 16 GB, which is the maximum supported by the i5-4260U processor used in the new iMac. Turns out the reason for this limitation is the elimination of the plug-in memory modules used in the rest of the iMac lineup. As revealed by our friends at OWC during a teardown of the new iMac, the memory is soldered directly to the computer’s motherboard, eliminating any DIY memory upgrade options. However, I think I should point out that 8 GB of RAM is more than sufficient for most applications, including games and photo editing, and that this iMac model wasn’t designed for professional users, but for general home and business use.

The 2.5-inch 5400 RPM hard drive, however, could be replaced with a larger 2.5-inch drive, or even better, a well-performing SSD. An SSD would really help in this iMac’s general performance and is available as an option when ordering.

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