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by Tom Nelson

ChronoSync from Econ Technologies has been around a long time. It even made an appearance on our annual Readers’ Choice Awards in 2011, as a candidate for best backup software. But it has never quite become a well-known Mac app.


Image courtesy of Econ Technologies

That may be changing, because of the extremely versatile nature of ChonoSync, and its ability to mimic cloud-based syncing services without the need for a remote storage system, one over which you have no control.

ChronoSync can sync your files between folders on your Mac, between multiple Macs, and between multiple devices. Think your Mac at home, your Windows computer at work, and the iPad you use when traveling.

Syncing files ensures that you’re always working with the most current document, which is critical when you have duplicates of a file in multiple locations. But what sets ChronoSync apart from all the other sync services is that you get to set the rules for syncing.

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