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by Tom Nelson

This week the Mac refurb store has a couple of surprises. First, there’s no price reduction in the current generation iMacs to reflect the inexpensive 21.5-inch model introduced earlier this week. I wasn’t really expecting to see any price movement, but I did hold out a bit of hope.

There were some minor price reductions in the store, however; $20 off here, $30 off there, so check pricing carefully when you visit the store.

Mac minis, specifically one of the server configurations, are back in stock, and while I can’t give it deal of the week status, it’s still good to see the popular Mac mini again. Remember, just because it says “server” doesn’t mean you must use it as a server; it will work just fine as a normal desktop Mac.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Best Deals of the Week

Deals this week come in the 13.3-inch MacBook Air model, where you can find a third off the retail price on a nicely configured 2012 MacBook Air. The second deal is also in the Mac notebook lineup, with a 2013 13.3 MacBook Pro with Retina display available for 27% off its original price.

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