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by Tom Nelson

OS X Yosemite follows the tradition of providing an easy upgrade install as the default installation method. As a result, the process really comes down to just following a few onscreen steps, and making a choice or two along the way.

Really, it’s hard to go wrong with this simple installation method. But before you launch the OS X Yosemite installer and start clicking through the onscreen instructions, take a moment to make sure that it’s the right install option for you, that your Mac is properly prepped, and that you have all the information you will need at your fingertips for the new version of OS X.


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If You Can Surf Mavericks, Then You’re Ready for a Hike Into Yosemite

At the time of this writing, Apple hasn’t yet provided the minimum requirements for OS X Yosemite. But it’s easy enough to divine what the requirements will be since Yosemite doesn’t require any new or specialized hardware that could limit it to only certain Mac models. In fact, it appears that Apple intends Yosemite to work with as many Mac models as OS X Mavericks does. To put it simply, if your Mac can run OS X Mavericks, it should have no difficulty with OS X Yosemite.

You can find a detailed list of which Macs will be supported in the guide:

OS X Yosemite Minimum Requirements

Once you’re sure that your Mac meets the minimum requirements, you’re almost ready to proceed, but there are still a few more steps to go through to ensure that your expectations will be met by Yosemite.

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