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by Tom Nelson

popCalendar from Magnesium-App provides an easy-to-access calendar that lives in your Mac’s menu bar. With just a single click, you can view an entire year at a glance, a month at a glance, or the upcoming day’s events, all without having to launch a full-scale calendar app to take over your desktop. You can also access and change popCalendar’s settings from the menu bar.


Image courtesy of Magnesium-App


  • Clean, simple interface.
  • Provides quick access to your Calendar, no matter what app you’re using.
  • You can add new events directly in popCalendar.
  • You can control which calendars are included in popCalender’s display.


  • No day or week view.
  • While you can create new calendar events, you can’t delete existing events.
  • No way to launch Calendar from within popCalendar.

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