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by Tom Nelson

Many Mac users occasionally need to use a Windows PC, either at work or at home. There may be a Windows application or two that you need to run, or perhaps there’s a peripheral connected to a Windows PC that you want to use. No matter the reason for connecting, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app provides an easy way to connect to a Windows PC and run any application while you’re comfortably using your Mac.


Image courtesy of Microsoft


  • Works with most Windows versions.
  • Makes connecting to remote PC resources easy (once configured).
  • Brings your Windows desktop to your Mac.
  • Free.


  • Setup can be a bit confusing unless you have an understanding of Microsoft networking.
  • Documentation is limited and help is only available via a Microsoft forum.

I’ve always liked being able to connect to a remote Mac or PC and take control of its desktop. This is a great way to remotely assist someone who is having problems with their computer, or show someone how to use features of a new app. It’s also a pretty good way to manage a remote computer to which you don’t have ready access. In fact, I use the Mac’s ability to screen share to connect to and manage our home servers.

But screen sharing isn’t limited to your Macs; with Microsoft Remote Desktop you can share a Windows PC screen with your Mac.

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