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by Tom Nelson

Township from Playrix is a city-building simulator that allows you to control and manage the development of a small town into a large metropolis. If you’re thinking it sounds like another Sim City game, well, you’re not wrong. But Township has a few advantages over Sim City, not the least of which is that it’s free. You can also trade goods and services with friends who are managing their own towns.


Image courtesy of Playrix

The simulation engine ties the success of your town, and its ability to grow, to basic economics, such as growing wheat, corn, and other crops so you can produce bread, food for farm animals, milk, eggs, etc. Production is limited by both available cash and population. Growing your population requires building housing for the residents, as well as town facilities and services, to ensure the overall well-being of the population. Almost all things in Township are interconnected; good planning, time, and patience are required to achieve success.

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