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by Tom Nelson

We’ve gotten used to Apple media events, which are usually slick productions, with any bit of surprise coming when a demo goes awry. That’s one of the main reasons Apple always has multiple backups of products arrayed around the stage, ready to go should something break during a demo.


Image courtesy of Apple

Today’s media event was no different, except the item that broke was the Internet. (No, Apple didn’t have a spare Internet hanging around to use.) Seems Apple was so successful at marketing the event that many folks, myself included, reported trouble in streaming the live event. Luckily, even though the live stream was often interrupted, the blog feed from Apple remained active during the keynote, making it easy to piece together what was happening on stage.

I’ll view the event again in its entirety once Apple posts the keynote address on its site. In the meantime, the Apple web site and store have been updated with all of the information about the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch.

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