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by Tom Nelson

At the Intel Developer Forum 2014, Intel gave a sneak peek at the next phase in its processor roadmap, Skylake. Skylake will be based on the same 14 nm process now used in the Broadwell family of processors.

Intel says that Skylake will be the “tock” to Broadwell’s “tick,” a reference to its two-step processor development scheme. The tick step occurs when Intel takes existing processor architecture and moves it to a smaller processing technology. Smaller scale technologies can yield faster performance, as well as lower power and heat.


Image courtesy of Intel

The tock part of the development cycle involves taking an existing processing technology, in this case the 14 nm process, and changing the processor’s microarchitecture to bring new features and speed. The successful tock development then becomes the platform for the next tick stage, hence Intel’s ongoing tick-tock processor development system.

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