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by Tom Nelson

We’re slowly seeing 2014 versions of Mac products enter the refurb store. Last week it was a 2014 MacBook Air, and this week it’s a 2014 iMac. While we celebrated the MacBook Air, the 2014 21.5-inch iMac is nothing to write home about.

Not too long ago, this model of the iMac would only have been available through the Apple Educational channel, as a low-cost option for schools to purchase in large quantities. My recommendation is to pass it by and look for a 2012 or 2013 iMac instead.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Deals of the Week

Our deals of the week remain the same as last week, with a 2014 11.6-inch MacBook Air, which is being offered for $130 off the current retail price, and a 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 500 GB hard drive.

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