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by Tom Nelson

There has always been a trade-off in allowing web sites and third-party advertisers to store cookies in Safari, or for that matter, any browser. Most of us are already aware of the security and tracking implications that come with accepting cookies, but there’s a third issue to be aware of: the overall performance of your web browser, including how it interacts with some of your favorite web sites.


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Cookie Corruption Leads to a Poor Safari Experience

If you let your web browser store cookies over a long period of time, a number of bad things can happen. A large collection of cookies can take up more hard drive space than you might think. Cookies eventually get out of date, so they’re not only taking up drive space but also wasting it, because they’re no longer serving any purpose. Last but not least, cookies can become corrupt from Safari lockups, power outages, unplanned Mac shutdowns, and other events. Eventually, you’re likely to find that Safari and some web sites no longer work well together, or work together at all.

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