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by Tom Nelson

It’s taken a long time but those of you who have been waiting on refurbished 2013 Mac Pros will be glad to learn the wait is over. This week, the Apple refurb store is flooded with 2013 Mac Pros of just about every configuration; quad-core, 6-core, 8-core, and 12-core are all in stock. So, there’s no excuse to wait any longer if you’ve been pining for the most powerful Mac in the diminutive little cylinder.

If you’re looking for another Mac model, the store is pretty well stocked, except for the Mac mini, which is absent this week.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Deals of the Week

Our deals of the week include all of the 2013 Mac Pro models in the store, not because they’re hugely discounted, but because it’s been a long wait for these models to show up. We’re also including a 15-inch MacBook Pro in this week’s deals; hopefully, there’s a deal for everyone.

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