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by Tom Nelson

Looking more like the construction of a new spaceport, the City of Cupertino released an update that shows the progress being made at Apple’s Campus 2 site.


Image courtesy of Apple

Located just across the 280 Freeway from Apple’s main Infinite Loop campus, the new Apple 2 campus is, if nothing else, huge; it’s intended to house 12,000 employees in 2.8 million square feet. If you add the outbuildings (auditorium, fitness center, research building, and central plant), the total rises to 3.42 million square feet. This compares with Apple’s current headquarters, which houses 3,000 employees in 856,000 square feet.

Apple had been acquiring land in Cupertino to build a second campus, and with the acquisition of the former 100-acre Hewlett Packard facility in 2010, it was able to start the ball rolling on the new 176-acre campus.

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