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by Tom Nelson

Parcel from Ivan Pavlov is a delivery-tracking app that keeps you in the know about where your parcels are at any moment in time. The app is available in two versions: Parcel, which is free, and allows you to track up to three packages at once, and Parcel Premium, a subscription-based service that removes the three-package limit, and adds web-based access and push notifications for any delivery-related event, such as pickup, routing, transfers, arrivals, sorting, and delivery.


Image courtesy of Ivan Pavlov


  • Supports more than 240 delivery services.
  • Maps package location.
  • Can be used with bar code scanners.
  • Automatic carrier recognition based on tracking numbers.
  • Parcel Menu Bar item.
  • Counter showing days to delivery or days since order.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and via web app.


  • Lacks organizational tools, such as placing all Christmas orders together, or organizing by business, hobby, or project.
  • No export function for archiving data.

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