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Waiting for a New Apple TV

by Tom Nelson

So, what’s happening with the Apple TV? A product that was once fodder for constant rumors seems to have slowly been forgotten.


Image courtesy of Apple

We bought our first Apple TV in 2012, when the current model became available. It was actually a happy coincidence. We were using an older Blu-Ray player that had the added ability to connect to the Internet and stream from various sources, including Netflix and Hulu, as one of the primary sources of content in our media center. Combining the Blu-Ray player’s streaming ability with what our local cable company offered gave us pretty decent access to TV shows, movies, and other streaming content.

That ground to a halt one day when the Blu-Ray player simply stopped being able to connect to the Internet. To this day, I have no idea what broke. The player still works with Blu-Ray and DVDs; it just can’t connect to the Internet.

We decided to look for a new streaming box. There were plenty of choices available, including the recently released2012 Apple TV, which supported 1080p streaming. Since we’re big Apple users, we decided to take the plunge and plunk down our cash for the Apple TV. It helped that a local store had them on sale for $79.00 that weekend.

Since then, we’ve been very happy with our Apple TV, and we easily watch more streaming content than live over-the-air/cable shows. But while we like our Apple TV, we can’t help but wonder what Apple is going to do with its little TV set-top box – and when.

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