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by Tom Nelson

Amadeus Pro from HairerSoft is an easy-to-use and powerful multi-track audio recorder and editor that supports numerous file formats and batch processing, For those of you who are recording from vintage vinyl or other sources with noise, clicks, and pops, Amadeus Pro has a Repair Centre that can clean up the unwanted audible noise that characterizes the old medium.


Image courtesy of Hairer Soft


  • Easily convert vinyl, tape, or other analog sources to digital.
  • Split live recordings into multiple tracks.
  • Number of audio tracks limited only by the processing performance of your Mac.
  • Real-time audio effects per track and section.
  • Support for many audio file formats.
  • Sample rates from 6,000 Hz to 128,000 Hz.
  • Can export directly to your iTunes library.
  • Wide range of effects, audio units, and VST plugins.
  • Batch processing can convert files as well as apply effects.
  • Repair Centre removes noise, pops, clicks, and hum.
  • Large selection of audio analysis tools.


  • Can’t record the audio output of applications, only devices that appear in the Mac’s Sound Preferences.
  • Marker auto generation may incorrectly add markers. Manual markers work fine.

Back in my misspent youth, I earned my living recording various types of live events, from bands and concerts, to musicals, a few symphonies, plus a few events, like free afternoon concerts in the park, that I’d rather forget. All of it required lugging around a great deal of equipment, much of which could now be easily replaced with a good Mac and Amadeus Pro.

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