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by Tom Nelson

Let’s start this review of the 2014 27-inch iMac Retina 5K with the obvious. Apple really wants us to know that this new iMac has a Retina display, and not just any Retina display, but a 5K Retina display. Apple made sure this was burned into our brains by repeating 5K every time the iMac was mentioned at its coming-out party in October of 2014.


Image courtesy of Apple

Apple really didn’t need to go to the trouble; all it takes is one look at the new iMac to realize that you’ll never, ever go back to a standard display again. You will scorn your old computer monitor. You may even look askance at MacBooks, with their limited-resolution Retina displays; 4K displays are so yesterday; it’s 5K or the highway. (The MacBook Pro actually has a slightly higher DPI (220) than the new iMac (217), but it certainly doesn’t have the raw real estate.)

We’ll get back to the display in a bit, but first, let’s run down the pros and cons of the new iMac.

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