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by Tom Nelson

If you’re like most people, you don’t give much thought to DNS (Domain Name Server) once you’ve entered the DNS IP addresses your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you into your Mac’s network settings. Once your Mac can connect to the Internet, and you can browse your favorite sites, what more is there for you to do with DNS?


Screenshot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

With namebench, a new tool from Google Code, you can run a series of bench tests on your DNS provider to see just how well the service is performing. Why is this important? Because when you’re browsing the web, your Internet connection uses DNS to look up the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the web site you’re trying to reach. How fast the lookup can be performed determines how soon your web browser can start downloading the web site. And it’s not just a single web site that is looked up. For most web pages, there are quite a few URLs embedded in the web page that need to be looked up as well. Page elements from ads to pictures have URLs that use DNS to resolve where to retrieve the information.

Having a fast DNS helps ensures a quick response in your web browser.

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