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by Tom Nelson

EtreCheck is an unusual bit of software, one that definitely meets a very specific need: helping you and others troubleshoot problems you may be having with your Mac. The unique part is how it came about, by a collaborative effort of users of Apple’s Support Community.



Image courtesy of EtreSoft

Apple Support Community members would often see users ask for help with their Macs with vague descriptions, such as “it’s running slow” or “an app always freezes.” With EtreCheck, users can report exactly how their Mac is configured, what apps and processes are running, etc. The EtreCheck report is sanitized of any personal information beyond the basics, such as what software is installed.

EtreCheck proved so helpful in letting community members figure out what was wrong with someone’s Mac that “Can you post your EtreCheck results, please?” almost became the first question asked. The EtreCheck software quickly spread well beyond the Apple Support Community, and now shows up in many Mac forums that help users troubleshoot their Mac’s performance.

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