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by Tom Nelson

Users of Office for Mac haven’t seen a major update of the venerable office suite since Office for Mac 2011. If you’re wondering about Office 365, it doesn’t count in my book, since the Mac version is really just a rebranded copy of Office for Mac 2011.


Image courtesy of Microsoft

Well, the wait is nearly over. Today Microsoft released a free preview version of Office for Mac 2016. The preview version is fully functional, and includes the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, along with OneNote and Outlook.

The new version of Office makes use of many of the features and UI of its Windows counterpart, including a new Ribbon design that better organizes tools for the task at hand. It also uses the task pane interface in the three main apps. While the overall design may be driven by the Windows version, the soul of the new Office app is clearly derived from Office for iPad. Microsoft even notes that much of the code is shared between the two platforms.

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