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by Tom Nelson

Selecting the right font for a project can sometimes be a difficult task. Many applications display previews of fonts in their Font menu, but the preview is limited to the name of the font; you don’t get to see the entire alphabet, not to mention numbers, punctuation, and symbols. You can use Font Book to see the whole enchilada.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Previewing Fonts

Launch Font Book, located at /Applications/Font Book, and click the target font to select it. Click the disclosure triangle next to the font’s name to display its available typefaces (such as Regular, Italic, Semibold, Bold), and then click the typeface you want to preview.

The default preview displays a font’s letters and numbers (or images, if it’s a dingbat font). Use the slider on the right side of the window to reduce or enlarge the display size of the font, or use the Size dropdown menu in the top right corner of the window to select a particular type size.

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