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by Tom Nelson

Launchpad, the application launcher that Apple introduced with OS X Lion (10.7), was an attempt to bring a touch of iOS to the Mac’s OS X operating system. Like its iOS counterpart, Launchpad displays all of the applications you have installed on your Mac in a simple interface of app icons spread across your Mac’s display. A click on an app’s icon launches the application, letting you get right to work (or play).


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Launchpad is pretty simple. It displays app icons until it fills up your display, and then creates another page of icons that you can access with a swipe, just like in iOS. If you don’t have a gesture-enabled input device, such as the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, or a built-in trackpad, you can still move from page to page with a simple click of the page indicators at the bottom of the Launchpad.

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