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by Tom Nelson

Adding an Eject CD/DVD menu item to your Mac’s menu bar is a handy way to quickly eject or insert a CD or DVD. The menu bar provides access to its items at all times, so no matter what application you are running, no matter how many windows are cluttering up your desktop, you can quickly eject a CD or DVD without having to move windows around to drag its icon to the trash.


The Eject menu bar item also provides some additional benefits. If you have multiple CD or DVD drives, the Eject menu will list each drive, allowing you to select the drive you want to open or close. The Eject menu also comes in handy for ejecting stubborn CDs or DVDs, such a CD or DVD that your Mac doesn’t recognize. Because the CD or DVD never mounts, there’s no icon to drag to the trash and no contextual pop-up menu you can use to eject the media.

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