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by Tom Nelson

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2015 will take place from June 8 to June 12, and as expected, rumors are flying about what will be announced at the big event.


Image courtesy of Apple

WWDC has always been a bit of a mystery in terms of product announcements. With the show’s emphasis on Apple developers, we can almost always be correct in predicting that Apple will announce new versions of iOS and OS X at any WWDC event.

Trying to figure out what additional product announcements will be made is a bit like being a fortuneteller with a foggy crystal ball.

But this year is a bit different; there are a few new products that seem so likely to be announced that a crystal ball isn’t necessary. So, let’s start our list of WWDC predictions with the most likely to occur, and work our way down to those that are a bit far out.

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